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Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Protein by Bioactive Compounds of Edible Mushroom; A Bioinformatics Insight

Nowadays most of the researches of world are going to find a remedy of COVID-19. Still, WHO doesn’t completely recommended a drug that will surely treat COVID-19. Although several country use hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir, but they don’t show any remarkable effect on treatment of COVID-19. This present study has proposed a drug that will inhibit multiple proteins of coronavirus. Here, we have analyzed some bioactive drug compounds which are already approved for their therapeutic effect. Those compounds are found in edible mushroom. They are identified by ADMET properties which show their non-toxic nature and high binding energies with targeted proteins. All those bioactive drug compounds are passing through many insilico processes and fulfil all the parameters. By this study, Polyozellin appears as a best bioactive drug compounds which will inhibit multiple proteins of coronavirus and used as oral drug. Bioactive compounds are easily used as medicine for their low cost and they don’t have any side effects. So, we proposed those bioactive compounds which will be used as a drug medicine in treatment of COVID-19. Keywords - COVID-19, Therapeutic effect, ADMET properties, Oral drug