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Development and Support of An Integrated System for the Promotion and Management of Medical Tourism

Abstract – My Health Travel is an innovative web platform aiming to provide Medical Tourism services in Greece. This platform enables international patient-tourists to search and find the medical treatment they need and combine it with a tourist experience for themselves and their escorts. It, also, facilitates the whole communication between the patients and the medical and tourist stakeholders participating in the procedure. Patients can receive a fully personalized medical treatment plan complemented by a tailor-made tourism plan which takes into consideration their special needs and preferences. Through the platform, medical and tourist providers will collaborate in order to create a full medical and tourist package. The complete service will include selection of therapy, destination facility, transportation and accommodation services, pre-arrival and aftercare treatment and the tourist experience as produced by the interaction between experts and patients. All of the above synthesize the Medical Travel Cycle which will be facilitated by a series of features designed to create a unique and personalized Medical Tourism experience and they will be available inside the platform. The development of the platform is also accompanied with the study and development of a business plan for the promotion of Medical Tourism and special forms of tourism by the platform with significant implications for the growth of the Greek Tourism market and economy. The project aims to develop and implement an integrated information system based on advanced methods and capable of providing healthcare and tourist services to international patients and promoting the stakeholders involved. Keywords - Medical Tourism, web platform, online services, Healthcare providers,e-Health, Hospitals, Hotels, medical treatment, tourism planning.