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Non-destructive Analysis and Investigation of Cladding Material for Forensic Signature

Abstract - In the framework of nuclearmaterialssmuggling and illicit trafficking,identification and investigation of radioactive sources and nuclear materials are essential factors to be determined.The key signs of forensic scenarios to be highlighted are;the type and origin of the material.In this work, the forensic analysis action plan has been applied by carrying out a sequence of techniques for analyzinga cladding material sample for identification of itscharacteristics and determining its provenance.The forensic analysis was carried out by using different analytical techniques: radiological, physical, surface analysis, and elemental measurements in addition to using the neutron activation analysis(NAA) as a forensic analysis tool for material investigation.Collecting all data to draw a conclusion about what is the material type, type of reactors using this material, and what countries can be related to these reactors. The measurements results were compared with the international database. The inspection of the material revealed information about the cladding material type as it most likely is E-110 type which is related to VVER or RBMK reactors. Keywords - Forensic analysis/ Cladding Material Investigation/ Non-destructive analysis/ Nuclear Security