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Study of Reliability, MTTF and Cost of a Methanol Production Plant

Numerous challenges have arisen as a result of advancements in science, technology, and way of life in the direction of environmental protection. In view of this problem, we have tested the reliability of our proposed work and tried to find out how truthful is the Methanol Plant’s performance. which serve as base materials for polymethyl methacrylate, artificial material, and tissue used in textiles, sticky, emulsion, and particle board used in construction, as well as chemical agents in medicines and pesticides. Based on operational preferences for the various parts, the operation of the methanol manufacturing plant under consideration has been divided into several portions. An enumeration for several reliability parameters, such as Reliability, MTTF, and cost, has been completed using a mathematical model of the methanol plant. The author of this study estimates the system's overall performance using the algebra of logic. Weibull and exponential time distributions were used to determine the system's reliability, and the effects of these dependability characteristics on how the system is operated are then examined using a number of numerical examples. Keywords - Reliability, Boolean Function Technique, MTTF, failure Rate