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Enhanced Photosensitivity in 248nm KrF and 193nm ArF Excimer Laser Irradiated Germanosilicate Fiber

In this study, we have a demonstrated a new technique to enhance the photosensitivity of germanosilicate fiber based on KrF excimer laser irradiation prior to grating inscription process. Fibers treated with 248nm KrF excimer laser provides a two times higher refractive index change compared to the untreated optical fiber. The increment of the 193nm UV absorption band with KrF excimer laser irradiation which is associated with the germanium related oxygen deficient centers, is believed to be the reason for the enhancement of the photosensitivity with 193nm ArF excimer laser irradiated fiber Bragg gratings. Keywords- Bragg Gratings, Photosensitivity, 248nm KrF Excimer Laser, 193nm ArF Excimer Laser