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Qr Sharing: A New Approach In Security Using Visual Cryptography And Quick Response Codes

Nowadays online transactions h a v e become very common but there are various attacks present behind this. Thus, the security in these cases needs to be very high and should not be easily vulnerable for outside attacks. Our work proposes a scheme that attempt to collaborate Quick Response (QR) and Visual Cryptography (VC) together to improve the transmission of secret messages i.e. OTP via different medium as a means of authentication which may have more practicality in terms of real world usage. QR codes are basically two dimensional barcodes embedded with data that can be decoded quickly for information. In this work, we show that QR codes can be used for secret communication using VC. An interesting feature of our work is that we present a technique to convert QR codes into carriers for secret messages using VC. VC provides a way of sharing secrets between a numbers of participants. The secrets are in the form of an image that is encoded into multiple pieces known as shares. When these shares are superimposed, the secret can be instantly observed. Communicating secret messages in plain sight creates a credible threat to our national security. We hope that our work brings this issue to light and enhances counter-terrorism education. Keywords- OTP, Visual Cryptography, Quick Response (QR) Code, Shares, Online Transaction.