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A Review On Comparision Of Edge Based Image Segmentation Techniques In The Field Of Crop Diseases

Plant, crop and fruit disease analysis is one of the critical tasks in the field of agriculture. Automatic identification and classification of diseases can be supportive to agriculture field maximization. To know what type of measure to take next year to prevent the similar losses, it is important to recognize what is being observed. In this paper, a solution for the detection and classification of apple fruit diseases is proposed. The image processing based proposed approach is composed of the following main steps; in the first step the image segmentation is used, in the second step some state of the art features are extracted from the segmented image, and finally images are classified into one of the classes by using a Multi-class Support Vector Machine. Our experimental results deal with the different types of edge based image segmentation techniques. Keywords- Image Segmentation; Feature Extraction; MSVM Classifier