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Uncertaınly ın Ilness ın Home Care Patıents Receıvıng Hemodıalysıs Treatment

Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF) is a common disease that causes serious health problems both in Turkey and in the world. It causes inadequacies in people's daily lives and negatively affects their quality of life. In the last stage of the disease, irreversible damage occurs and long-term dialysis treatment begins. In this process, it is seen that patients who are not sufficiently aware and ignore the disease in the first stage of the disease do not have information about the progressive disease process and other symptoms when they reach the last stage. Lack of information causes disease uncertainty in patients, which negatively affects their quality of life in physical, psychological, economic and social areas. Uncertainty is defined as "the inability to determine the meaning of disease-related events and the inability to accurately predict or anticipate health outcomes". Studies have shown that patients receiving continuous hemodialysis treatment have moderate to high levels of uncertainty. It has been reported that uncertainty has a negative effect on adherence to the disease and longterm treatment. Compliance increases the quality of life of patients and caregivers and facilitates the ability to cope with possible complications and symptoms. There are studies suggesting a relationship between uncertainty, quality of life, anxiety and depression in patients with chronic diseases. Prolonged illness and dialysis treatment make home health care services important for patients. After dialysis treatment, having to cope with symptoms related to the disease and treatment at home away from healthcare personnel may increase problems. Healthcare personnel's awareness of these feelings and behaviors that patients may experience enables them to provide more effective and quality care during home care services. Knowing the uncertainties and consequences of the disease can increase the level of adaptation and quality of life of patients and make the disease and treatment process more positive. Keywords - Uncertaınty in İllness, Home Care, Hemodialysis, Patient