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A Novel Approach Applying Car and Stem Concepts for School Children to Enhance Their Cognitive Ability

Education is rapidly progressing and it is essential to enhance the thinking abilities, advanced taught process, cognitive development. In real-time to build a model, a prototype, defining foundations and purpose of the model is important. Schooling plays a predominant role to fulfill the bridge between the theoretical knowledge and practical approach which motivates them a good design for their career. However, Traditional education policies, principles, regulation forms have a structured form for attention, reasoning and problem-solving skills. The Conceptual theories of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) achieved optimistic results to increase the logical skills. Although theories and concepts were proposed, current system have certain limitations to implement. In the proposed research, A novel approach CAR (Cognitive Academic Research) Approach is presented inter disciplined with concepts of STEM. The core objective of proposing CAR is to enhance the emotional thinking, cognitive attention, cognitive Thinking for school children among various diversified age groups which helps in a bi-directional manner of applying the conceptual knowledge attained and practicing the CAR approach for every subject wherein the child can easily apply the knowledge-based reasoning in realtime. Concepts of ontologies, Reinforcement learning are widely used to apply on dataset. Keywords - Ontologies, Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation, Cognitive Thinking, Reasoning