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Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of Carbonate Rocks in the Bugarula Sector

Among the potential sources of carbonate rocks, carbonate rocks are very special because of their costeffectiveness. This study aims to elucidate the true petrographic nature of Bugarula carbonate rocks (a region in central Africa). The petrographic nature of Bugarula carbonate rocks is done by describing their petrographic characteristics at different scale level. To complete the macro and microscopic observation, a description method was used at various scales (including outcrop scale, sample scale, and thin sections). A comparative petrographic study shows the presence of phyllite minerals. The significant presence of undirected and deformed minerals, granoblastic tissue, isogranol, and sometimes heterogranules and porphyroblasts, as well as aluminum to sub-aluminum, indicates that the formation of these rocks is due to metamorphism due to the entry of higher temperature magmatic fluid, having coated the original limestone rocks. Therefore, these crystalline limestones are directly related to the marble’s rocks outcropping in the region. Keywords - Carbonatites, Limestones, Marbles, Outcrop, Petrography, Metamorphism, Bugarula