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A Review On Skew Detection And Correction In Multiscript Text Document Images

Document image processing has become an important technology in the automation of office documentation tasks. Automatic document scanners such as OCR (optical character recognition) and text reader systems are an essential component of systems capable of those tasks. One of the main problems in this field is that the document to be read is not always placed correctly on a flatbed scanner. Due to this the document may be skewed on the scanner bed, which results a skewed image. This skew has a bad effect on document understanding, document analysis and character segmentation and recognition. So, detecting a skew of a document image and correcting it are important issues in realizing a practical document reader. Very frequently the digitalization process of documents produce images rotated of small angles in relation to the original image axis. In this paper we present a review on various skew detection and correction techniques. Index Terms- Skew Detection and Correction, Profile Projection Technique, Skew angle detection