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Application Of Qiang-Dong Proper Quantization Rule In Thermodynamics Study Of Dimers

Motivated by the recent works [J. Math. Chem. 50 (2012) 881, Chem. Phys. 421 (2013) 84, Mol. Phys. 112 (2014) 127], we attempt to study the thermodynamics properties of dimers ( 2 O , 2 I , 2 N and 2 H ) by using pseudoharmonic potential as a model of simulation. The recently proposed Qiang-Dong proper quantization rule have been employed in our calculations. The results also include rotational-vibrational energy spectrum of the dimers. The validity and accuracy of the method employed have been tested with previous techniques via numerical computation for 2 O and 2 N molecules. For the sake of completeness of solution, we obtain the corresponding eigenfunction using the recently proposed formula method. Index Terms— Dimers, Schrödinger Equation, Qiang-Dong Proper Quantization Rule, Formula Method.