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Similarity Solution To Study The Effect Of Variable Viscosity On Non-Newtonian Buoyancy Induced Flow Over An Axisymmetric Body Immersed In A Porous Medium Saturated By A Nanofluid

The study presents the effect of temperature dependent viscosity on natural convection heat transferof nanofluids over an axisymmetric body embedded in a saturated non-Darcy porous medium. Similarity variables are introduced to reduce the governing partial differential equations to a system of highly coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations. The model incorporates the non-dimensional parameters: buoyancy ratio Nr, Brownian motion parameter Nb, thermophoresis parameter Nt and Lewis number Le. The local wall heat flux distribution is discussed for three geometries, namely vertical flat plate, horizontal cylinder and sphere for pseudo plastic fluids, Newtonian fluid and dilatant fluids