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Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles Using Tragia Ramosa Extract For Antibacterial And Cytotoxicity Applications

Natural plant extract of Tragia ramosa leaf was tested as reducing agent as well as stabilizing agent in the synthesis of Ag0 from AgNO3 by using simple stirring and ultrasonication methods. The formation of Ag0 was observed by the change in colour of the reaction mixture from light brown to blackish brown. The presence of Ag0 was confirmed by XRD and EDX analyses. The size of Ag0 synthesized by simple stirring and ultrasonication methods was calculated as 62 and 47 nm, respectively. FT-IR spectrum revealed the presence of reducing phytochemicals, mainly carbonyl, in the extract. The antibacterial efficiency of Ag0 against E. coli and S. aureus was found to be 71 % and 56.0 %, respectively. The extract containing Ag0 at a sample treatment concentration of 7 μg/mL showed cytotoxicity of 100 % death of HeLa cells. Index Terms - AgNPs, antibacterial, cytotoxicity, Tragia ramosa