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Prevalence Of H30 And H30-Rx Subclones Of Escherichia Coli Sequence Type (St131) Among Extra-Intestinal Clinical Samples

Escherichia coli sequence type 131 (ST131) is a pandemic clone worldwide in combination with beta lactamase subtype CTX-M-15. This clone with its subclones H30 and H30-Rx has investigated among 100 E. coli isolates that were isolated from extraintestinal clinical samples by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Out of 100 E. coli isolates, 87 isolates belonged to ST131 and 24 of them belonged to H30 subclone. However, 22 of 24 belonged to H30-Rx and carried CTX-M- 15 except one isolate did not carry it. Phylogenetically, E. coli strains belonged to different pgylogroups; B2, D, B1 and A (34, 28, 26 and 12 respectively). Presence of ST131 with its subclones among extraintestinal samples in combination with CTX-M-15 needs for more studies on their genetic structures to improve a new treatment and to control their dissemination. Keywords— CTX-M-15, E. coli, H3-Rx, ST131.