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Influence Of Combined Deterioration Between Freezing-Thawing And Carbonation On Mineral Admixture Mortar

This research is to investigate the coupled deterioration property of the mineral admixture mortar under carbonation and frost damage. The result of experiments shows that freezing and thawing plays an insignificant influence on the carbonation coefficient. The pore volume shows small change after frost damage which is agreement with the carbonation change trend. On the other hand, freezing and thawing resistance is changed by the progress of carbonation. For specimens with high replacement ratios of blast furnace slag and subjected initially to carbonation in CO2 chamber, it was found that the freezing and thawing resistance is greater compared to the case where there is no initial exposure to carbonation. Keywords- component; Blast Furnace Slag, Carbonation, Freezing-thawing resistance, Microstructure