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Simultaneous Photocatalytic Chlorophenols Dehalogenation Sequence

The dechlorination sequence of polychlorinated phenolic compounds and phenol (4-CP, 2.4-DCP, 2.4.6-TCP, PCP and Phenol) in aqueous mixed reactor systems was investigated under photocatalytic conditions. It was found that in simultaneous compound degradation experiments the higher chloride substituted phenol complex compounds were dechlorinated with better efficiency than the lower polychlorinated phenolics, with the least reduction efficiency recorded for phenol. An accumulation of lower-level substituted compounds at the expense of higher-level substituted compounds with the exception of PCP was recorded at progressive intervals. Singular batch chlorophenol time course representations depicted near total oxidation of each compound in the order CP; DCP; TCP; PCP; Phenol, while the simultaneous batch chlorophenol oxidation sequence was PCP; TCP; DCP; CP; Phenol. Keywords— dechlorination, chlorophenols, sequence, photocatalysis.