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Modeling, Simulation And Analysis Of A Nonlinear Half Model Ship Main Engine System Using Bond Graph Modeling Approach

Ship vibration tends to become a great concern with the increase of ship size and speed in the ship industry. Ship main engine vibration causes particularly ship operating performance, fuel consumption and loses of capital costs. This paper deals with bond graph modeling to obtain of a ship main engine system, and to decrease of vibration oscillations on ship main engine system. The mathematic model of system was composed by Bond Graph modeling method. The effect of dynamics forces which are consisted of main engine stresses and the hydrodynamic forces which come from water effect were also taken into consideration. So as to investigate behavior of the vibration, nonlinear equations of system dynamics in state-space form were obtained among analytical and graphical techniques. During the analysis the factor has assumed as the coupled torsional and axial vibration. The developed approach has enhanced by controllers, and responses of the models with controllers were compared and discussed. We conclude that Bond Graph modeling with PID controller may be a preferred alternative approach instead of conventional methods to prevent of the ship main engine vibrations. Index Terms— Bond Graph Modeling, Nonlinear State Space Equations, Ship Main Engine, Vibrations.