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Study Of The Effect Of Fatigue On Human Being By EMG’S Signal Analyzing

Electromyography (EMG) is a medical technique that can record with an electromyograph, electric currents accompanying muscle activity. And among the medical applications we have the detection of medical abnormalities, activity level and/or human movement. For our case study we present the latter two applications. The aim of our work is to detect the amount of muscle’s fatigue after doing an effort using signal processing. We have recorded an EMG signal related to two situations, the first one is in the normal case (arm muscles are inactive) , the second one is after doing a job (carrying some books) and by analyzing the two signals we can see the difference and detect the amount of fatigue of the arm. After running the data processing using Matlab, we got convincing results. Index Terms— De noising, discret wavelet, , EMG, EMG sensor ,physical effort.