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Analysis Of SAR Impact On A Tissue Cube With Graphene Based IFA

The Graphene based Nano conductive antennas are the one of the recent antennas pioneering in areas of research. The analysis of radiating structure and exposure area draws attention towards bio medical concerns and health issues. This paper intends to conduct the experimental analysis of Graphene based Inverted F Antenna (G-IFA) with a sample cubic tissue model. Specific Absorption of Radiation SAR parameter is estimated for the designed setup for its operating GSM frequency at 900 MHz The human tissue model with dielectric properties are applied over a cubic structure that is designed and placed above the graphene based radiating structure. On the exposure analysis SAR is investigated over the varying frequencies between 6 MHz and 12 MHz and are recorded. 1g, 10 g and overall SAR are also estimated in this procedure. The variation of exposure over varying frequency range depicts its impact on absorption [1]. Index Terms- Dielectric Properties, SAR, MOM, G-IFA.