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Environmental Concern And Threat Investigation Due To Malpractices In Biomedical Waste Management: A Review

Waste generated from health care facilities is a big threat on community and environment due to improper waste management. In India, the Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998 make it mandatory for hospitals, clinics, and other medical and veterinary institutes to dispose of bio medical wastes strictly according to the rules. This is a review paper to show trends of management process, its Indian scenario, characteristics and generation, and legislative measures for management of medical waste. CPCB in their 2013 report states that 7894 health centers have violated the rules. Here we can summarize that Lack of knowledge of individual working in that area, lack of awareness, casual approach while dealing the waste and cost factor are most important problems faced in the adequate and efficient medical waste management. Moreover no regular checks by the regulative bodies and less treatment facilities are available for small centers, clinics, dispensaries. Keywords— Biomedical Waste, Indian Scenario, Legislative Framework, Sources and Generation, CPCB.