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Study Of Fly Ash In Hydraulic Barriers In Landfills – A Review

Land filling is the most common method of solid waste management in our country. Lining systems for waste containment facilities can be enhanced if they are constructed with reactive materials, that is, materials that retard the movement of solutes, promote biodegradation, or induce chemical conversion. One potential material for constructing reactive liners is Fly ash from coal-fired power plants that contains a modest amount of residual organic carbon, which is a sorbent of VOCs. In this study fly ash is taken into consideration and tested for various parameters associated with the behaviour of hydraulic barriers in landfills to advocate its usability as hydraulic barriers in landfills. Also, the hydraulic conductivity of fly ash decreases with addition of certain additives like lime, cement etc. Keywords— Landfills, Hydraulic Barriers, Fly Ash, Fly Ash stabilization, Lime cured Fly Ash.