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Data Glove Controlled Virtual Musical Instruments

Abstract—The conventional practice for playing the music is having the expensive and bulky musical instrument physically and carrying it them wherever the user wishes to play it. Adding to the ease of the musicians, a new system enabling the user to play the musical instruments virtually using a data glove as an interface through the computer system is developed. The developed system can be defined as an interface between human and the computer system to play various musical instruments using the developed data glove. The main components used in the system are the data glove, transceiver system and the music generation system. The data glove is the basic input device to the system and is made with the help of flex resistors which help in tracking the gestures made by user. These gestures are used to play various musical instruments with the help of the music generation system. The music generation system receives the triggered signal produced by the data glove which is used to play the pre-defined musical note of the instrument. The developed system will be able to play various musical instruments with the help of existing MIDI notes of the musical instruments. With implementation of such a technology, an user will not only be using the musical instruments efficiently but will also make the process of learning, playing and modifying sound easier to the user.