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Transient Flow Model of Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Well in Tight Oil Reservoir

This paper presents a transient flow model for fractured horizontal well in tight oil reservoir based on discrete fracture model considering the effects of TPG, stress sensitivity, fracture parameters and distribution. Solve the model with finite volume method, then perform sensitivity analysis. The results show thatthe pressure derivative curve turns upward when the TPG is considered, the upward degree will increase with the increasing TPG, thus, it becomes harder to divide flow regimes; the pressure derivative curve turns upwardin late flow period with consideration of stress sensitivity effect; the fracture radial flow and formation radial flow become harder to form with the increase of fracture half-length; the fracture conductivity has large influence on early flow period. Index Terms: Transient Flow; Tight Oil Reservoir; Threshold Pressure Gradient; Stress Sensitivity Effect; Discrete Fracture Model.