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Increased Neuronal Apoptosis and Peri-Vascular Space in Cerebrum after Exposure to 2100 Mhz Frequency

Investigation showed that electromagnetic field at high frequency such as micrewave frequency have the verity effects of biological systems, So the aim of this experimental study was to investigate the effect of high frequency electromagnetic fields on temporal cortex in rat.Study carried out on 40 Wistar adult male rats (15-20 weeks, weighing 290 g). Rats were completely divided into 4 groups. Exp1, group that rats were exposed to 2100-MHz frequency for 15 minute in 50 days and 2, 3 experimental groups were exposed to 2100-Mhz frequency for 30 min and 1h respectively for 50 days. Histopathological and immunohistochemical methods were used to determine possible damages.Our results showed electromagnetic fields at the frequency of 2100-MHz leads to nerve cell death (apoptosis) and increase peri-vascular space (edema). The increased period of exposure caused increased instances of histopathological changes in brain tissue. Index terms- microwave frequency; Apoptosis; Peri-vascular space; Rat brain tissue