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Presentation of Predicted Results Based on Numerical Simulation &‘XRF’ Analysis of Lead Contaminated Soil and Sequential Extraction

We carried out the ‘XRF’ analysis and sequential extraction of soils contaminated with lead using lead nitrate of known amount. Noting pertinently, that the nominal lead concentration obtained in the contaminated soil sample earlier in the experimental work is 2,415mg/Kg after appropriate procedures. Looking at our results, we found that the concentration of the solid contaminated samples: OL S 1-2, & OL S 3-2 ( 2,080.26, & 2,080.41mg/Kg) respectively in that order are very close to the concentration of lead also obtained using the ‘XRF’ analysis for the liquid solutions obtained from the sequential extraction procedures of soil samples: ‘OL S 1-2, & 3-2 as ( 2,110mg/Kg, & 2,090mg/Kg) respectively in that order. It would not be necessary to carry out the long ‘sequential extraction procedure in determining the lead concentration in contaminated soil as the ‘XRF’ analysis result can be relied on based on the closeness of the results obtained from the two different procedures. Mostpertinently and interestingly,the results of the ‘XRF and sequentialextractionhavebeenpredictednumerically and randomlygeneratedbasedbased on the ‘Monte Carlo simulationtechnique. The predicted and numericallygeneratedresults are goodestimates of the experimentalresults. Key words - ‘Sequential Extraction, Lead Contaminated Soil & Transport, ‘XRF’ Analysis, Monte Carlo & Numerically Random Generated Results