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Biotope Evaluation and its Classification Considering Urban Ecological Status: Focused on Cheongju City

This study has intended to evaluate and type classification of biotope considering the urban ecological status in Cheongju City. This study consisted of the following three steps. First, we corrected greenness grade to calculate NDVI through satellite images (Quickbird) of Cheongju city. Second, we build thematic map of landscape, land-use, vegetation and land cover. Finally, we set up the ecological status grade to classify thematic map of 'land/human effect grade' and 'ecological habitat total grade' for biotope evaluation in Cheongju city using indicators process and matrix technique. This study has found the following results: 1) land/human impact grade was classified into five classes to mix land-use and landscape grade, 2) we suggest alternatives to compute comprehensive ecological habitat grades through summary up habitability grades according to greenness grades and 3) we classified sixty-two biotope types. This process calculates two alternative biotope grades. We found out the fifth grade (28.3%) is 1.5 times higher than the first grade (18.3%) and the second grade (2.1%) is the lowest total grade. Keywords: Biotope, Ecological Status, Classification, Biotope Evaluation.