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A Survey on Flora, Life Forms and Chorotype of Plant Species in the Protected NEOR Wetland (Northwest of Iran)

The Neor Lake is located in the northwest of Iran in southern part of the Ardabil province. Neor Lake is the largest permanent freshwater lake in Ardabil province. Biological form of species in Neor area are divided into parts terrestrial and aquatic. This study showed that there are 92 species including 32 families and 72 genera in this area. Among these, 67 species belong to terrestrial and 25 species are aquatic. Also, aquatic species include Hygrophyte with 7 species (7.6%), Hydrophyte with 6 species (6.52%) and Helophyte with 12 species (13.05%). Investigation of terrestrial plants in this area have shown that families such as Poaceae with 14 species and Asteraceae with 11 species, which include more than 55% of species. The most important life form is Hemicriptophyte with 52 species (56.52%). Irano- Turanian with 29 species (31.52%) and Irano-Turanian, Europa-Siberia with 26 species (28.26%) are the dominant chorotype. Plant species such as Carex hordeistichos, Eleocharis mitracarpa, Eleocharis palustris subsp. iranica, Cephalaria hirsute and Veronica anagalisaquatica subsp. michuauxii in Ardabil province, has only been reported from Neor Lake area. Stenotaenia nudicaulis Boiss., Achillea citrina (Hoffm.) Riedl., Launaea acanthodes (Boiss.) Kuntz, Tanacetum polycephalum Schultz- Bip., Nonnea anchusoides Boiss. & Bushe, Astragalus aegobromus Boiss. & Hohen. and Astragalus lisaricus Maassomi are endemic species. Keywords - Chorotype, Flor, Iran, Life form, Neor, Wetland.