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Study of Overlying Water Nutrient Loaded from Sediment Treated by Peroxide

The marine sediment sustain from anoxic condition due to increasing nutrients of external sources. The nutrients are also released from the sediment, which act as an internal source. The contaminated marine sediment is affected at variation of its pH and dissolve oxygen concentration. The aim of this study is to evaluate the performance of using chemical agent (CaO2) and to identify the nitrogen cycle. In the experiment period, column test using different rate of calcium peroxide was conducted in our laboratory under the constant temperature and environmental incubating condition. Nutrients concentration and physical variables measured in the seawater and pore water of the sediment. InCaO2treated column, nutrient enrichment significantly increased the concentration of total nitrogen (T-N) and ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) due to a high pH and involved highly denitrifying and ammonifying process. Keywords - Bioremediation, Eutrophication, Nutrient, Ammonification, Marine sediment