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Engineering and in Situ Intrinsically Processing of Boron-Based, Carbon Nano Fiber Reinforcement in a Hybrid Composite Implant

The need for more efficient and faster wound healing and bone regeneration is advancing on daily basis, whether it is for sports related injuries or for soldiers on the battlefield. Combination of such exceptional properties in one class of material is rare, but is urgently needed to meet the increasingly more demanding and multifunctional needs that advanced engineering systems have. The aim of this research is to introduce new and improved materials for wound healing and bone regeneration. Boron-based carbon fibers are engineered with a hybrid composite implant via nontraditional in situ direct metal oxidation, DIMOX, processing with the synergetic effect of alloying elements and semisolid interaction Rheocasting, Thixocasting and Powder Pack. Boron-based inorganic fibrous solids have been synthesis via the addition of 5 wt. % boric acid to the recycled aluminum alloy (Al-Si-Mg) at 1150oC for 20 minute, then Rheocasted at 750oC for 20 minutes. The product is then Rheocasted in a 5:4 wt. % melted mixture of borax and boric acid at 550oC for 20 minutes. The application of Rheocasting technique along with DIMOX, and semisolid Thixocasting have confirmed the objective of introducing fibrous coating and impregnated of boron based carbon enriched fibers in alumina/aluminum matrix in Nano and micro scale. Microstructural and mechanical characterization established applying scanning electron microscopy, SEM, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, EDX and 3-point bending testing. The results provide an overview of recent needs in boron/carbon coating structures that are very effective in wound healing and bone regeneration. Orthopedic hybrid composite implant coated and impregnated with borate glass for diabetic patients are its wide spectrum applications. Bioactive amorphous and crystalline form of boron/carbon bulk and Nano fibrous coating/ impregnated is intrinsically synthesis for multifunctional hybrid composite materials. Keywords: Coating, Diabetic Patients, Heat Resistant, Hybrid Composite, Implants, Orthopedic, Porous Composite