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Pipelongumine-Eluting Nanofiber Mats for Application of Drug-Eluting Stent and Anticancer Activity Against Cholangiocarcinoma

Piperlongumine-eluting nanober was fabricated using poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) copolymer by electrospinning method for application in gastrointestinal (GI) stent to treat cholangiocarcinoma cells. Piperlongumine showed sustained release over one month in vitro. Piperlongumine eluted from nanofiber was similarly inhibited growth of cancer cells and induced apoptosis against HuCC-T1 human cholangiocarcinoma cells in vitro.Furthermroe, piperlongumineeluting nanofiber coated GI stent showed efficiently inhibition of tumor growth of HuCC-T1 tumor at tumor-xenograft study. We suggest piperlongumine-eluting nanofiber for GI stent as promising medical equipment. Keywords - Piperlongumine, nanofiber, drug eluting stent, cholangiocarcinoma