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Complex Approach to Pressure and Temperature Well Tests

“Traditional” methods of pressure well testing do not provide detailed information about bottomhole formation zone state and filtration parameters of fracture. Temperature data from the depth gadget can be considered in order to increase the number of defined reservoir characteristics. In the present work we propose a comprehensive approach to the complex analysis of pressure/temperature data, which includes “traditional” methods of pressure transient tests, express-method of temperature data analysis, and clarification of the obtained reservoir parameters on the basis of three-dimensional numerical simulation. Well testing methods allow one to evaluate permeability, pressure, and skin factor of the reservoir. Express-method of temperature data analysis can provide the values of permeability of the bottom hole formation zone, or fracture width and permeability. Simulation gives more complete information about the thermodynamic processes in the reservoir and the well that allows one to clarify the obtained values of filtration parameters in the near- or far-field formation zone. The proposed approach is used to analyze pressure and temperature data obtained during pressure drawdown tests and temperature buildup tests in the injection well which helps to determine the filtration parameters of bottom hole formation zone, fracture, and reservoir. Index Terms - Temperature, Pressure, Bottomhole Formation Zone, Fracture, Temperature/Pressure Transient Well Tests