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A Comparison of Natural Gas Properties between Bakhrabad Gas Field and Titas Gas Field

Natural gas is a flammable gaseous mixture, composed mainly of methane with lower concentrations of ethane, propane and non-hydrocarbon gases such asH2S, H2O, H2, CO2, N2, He,etc. Significant amount of natural gas are known to occur in Bangladesh & has been the life line of the commercial energy source of Bangladesh for several decades.A Complete knowledge of natural gas properties is authentic in order to deal with gas production, processing, transmission, distribution, maintenance of equipment and design of gas plants etc.In this study, the comparison of natural gas properties analysis between Titas gas field & Bakhrabad gas field has been shown from given gas composition. The properties of natural gases are apparent molecular weight, specific gravity and API gravity of gas, gas compressibility factor, super-compressibility factor, gas density, formation volume factor, isothermal compressibility and viscosity of gas. From analysis of natural gas properties, it has been showed that natural gas of these field are sweet and semi-dry. Keywords - Contaminants, Diluents, Dry gas, Molecular Weight, Natural gas properties, Sweet gas

Author - Sarwat Tanjil, Saikat Dutta, Mohammad Tanjidnahiyan

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| Published on 2018-07-24
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