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Morphometric Analysis of Long Pepper (Piper Retrofractumvahl.) in Madura Island and its Potensial as Herbal Medicine

Long Pepper (Piper retrofractumVahl.) is a medicinal plant from tropical regions which is an indigenous plant of Indonesia. This plant has economic values related to its benefits as herbal medicine. Madura Island has been established as one of the development area of long pepper in east Java. Ironically, the morphometric analysis of this plant in various regions and its potential as herbal medicine are not yet widely known. The aims of this study are to analyze the morphological aspects of long pepper in Madura Island and explain its potential as herbal medicine. This study was conducted on 17 long pepper production centers throughout Madura Island, while observation were made on five year old plants in each region. The data obtained are analyzed using PAST program. The results show there are two cluster of long pepper based on its morphometric proximity, i.e. long pepper cluster I is Banyuates, Kadur, Raas, Ketapang, Talango, and Gayam, while cluster II are Burneh, Bangkalan, TanjungBumi, Tragah, Kokop, Sokobanah, Bluto, Guluk-guluk, Larangan, Manding, and Blega. All dried fruit in these regions were used as the main ingredients of “Jamu Madura” for many kinds of mild and severe diseases Keywords - Herbal medicine, Madura, Morphometric analysis, Piper retrofractum.

Author - Jamilatus Sa’diyah, Retno Mastuti, Rodiyati Azriyaningsih

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| Published on 2018-07-24
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