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Effect of Ionized Plasma Medium on Radiation Properties of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Printed on Ferrite Substrate

This paper presents theoretical investigations on the radiation of rectangular microstrip antenna printed on a magnetized ferrite substrate in the presence of ionized plasma medium. The theoretical study on rectangular microstrip antenna in free space is carried out by applying the transmission line model combining with potential function techniques while hydrodynamic theory is used for it is analysis in plasma medium. By taking the biased and unbiased ferrite cases , far field radiation patterns in free space and plasma medium are obtained which in turn are applied in computing radiated power ,directivity, quality factor and bandwidth of antenna .It is found that the presence of plasma medium affects the performance of rectangular microstrip antenna structure significantly. Keywords - Microstrip Antenna, Ferrite, Plasma

Author - Ayman Al Sawalha

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| Published on 2018-07-25
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