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Colloid Deposition in Porous Media

The flows of colloidal suspensions in porous media find many applications in fields such as Petroleum, hydraulic engineering, deep-bed filtration. For each application, the scientific problems can be summarized with the flow in porous medium of a colloidal suspension whose particles having characteristic dimension are considerable in comparison with the pores dimension. In certain cases, one can observe a deposit of particles on the surface of the pores which results in a significant modification in the physical properties of the porous medium. The objective of our study is to use a nondestructive experimental method, the attenuation of -rays, to study the influence of the number of Peclet on the deposit of latex particles in a consolidated porous medium. The first results obtained show a good agreement between local and global measurements of the deposit of the particles in porous medium. The deposit takes place in a progressive way along the porous medium and leads to a monolayer deposit where the average thickness is of about the size diameter of the colloidal particles. Index Terms - Colloid, gamma􀀀ray, Peclet number,permeability, porous medium.

Author - Abdelkader Djehiche, Mustafa Gafsi, Henri Bertin, Aziz Omari

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| Published on 2018-07-25
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