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Applıcatıons for Petroleum Removal from Water usıng Sunflower Stalk Loaded by Bıo-Synthesızedıron (Feo) Nanopartıcle

Aesculushippocastanum(horse chestnut) seed extract was used for iron nanoparticles (FeNPs) synthesis in this study. FeNPs were produced and stabilized due to the biomaterials that are found in the content of the seed extract. Particle characterization was analyzed by Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Energy - dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX), UV- Visible spectroscopy, Dynamic light scattering (DLS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Zeta potential and pH were measured. The UV-Visible, XRD, FTIR and analysis results showed that FeNPs were produced in oxide form. Absorption peaks at the wavelength of 205 nm and 291 nm indicated the formation of hydrolysis products of metallic iron (Fe0). FTIR, XRD and EDX analysis showed signals due to the oxide and oxyhydroxideiron nanoparticles. TEM images clearly showed that the nanoparticles were in spherical shape mostly with 9 nm diameters and were seen as polydisperse. Colloid stability was determined as moderate according to 25.5 mV value which was in the range of ± 20 – 30 mV.Bio-synthesized magnetic Fe-loaded sunflower stalk (LSS) was used for petroleum removal from water. Fe-LSS showed an excellent enhanced adsorption for petroleum removal compared with OSS (original sunflower stalk without Fe). Fe-LSS can be easily separated from the solution using magnet and regenerated for reuse. Results from this study demonstrated the promise of Fe-LSS composite as an efficient, low-cost, environmentally friendly and regenerable adsorbent for petroleum remediation. Keywords - Iron Nanoparticles, Green Synthesis, Green Nanotechnology, sunflower stalk, adsorption

Author - Dilek Demirezen Yilmaz, Seyda Yilmaz, Derya Aksu Demirezen, Fatih Dogan Koca

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| Published on 2018-08-21
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