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Water Exposed Electrospinning of Super Hydrophilic Polylactic Acid/Pluronic Blend Nano-Fibers

Hydrophilicity resulting in an acceptable cell attachment and proliferation. However, the surface enrichment of Pluronic limits the needed amount of it and endangers the mechanical properties of obtained fibers. In order to surmount this problem, a new method of electrospinning have been employed using a simultaneous water exposure, attracting Pluronic hydrophilic segments to the surface of the fibers. Water contact angle test have been done to affirm the hydrophilic behavior of new fibers. Morphology of these new fibers, in comparison with the routine method have been investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The fiber diameter distributions have been plotted before and after immersion of scaffolds in water. Resulted SEM and TEM images disclosed the fact that fibers prepared by new electrospinning set up enjoy a higher stability in aquatic environments. In addition, fiber diameter distributions for routine electrospinning method indicated a change after water immersion, testifying the deficit in mechanical properties of fibers, which can be improved by the new method. Keywords - Polylactic acid; Pluronic; Blend Electrospinning; Surface Enrichment; Water Exposure.

Author - Mojdeh Azarnia, Vahid Hadadi-Asl

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| Published on 2018-09-07
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