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Emerging Trends in Technology and Engineering Education

As new trends emerge in robotics, autonomous systems, quantum computing and other technological areas transforming our essential habits and the ways in which we learn, think and work, we need to consider changing our educational systems. As the competition among the global powers and the military industrial complexes of regional powers increases, new trends in engineering and technological education must be considered for effectively supporting national goals. Industry is ever more demanding of graduates’ innovative problem solving skills, applied math skills, communication skills, employability and value. Innovations are not easy to achieve in engineering and technological projects. This study critically examines alternative trends in higher education and presents new proposals, practices and tools in order to meet industry demand in socio-economic and environmental contexts, ethical standards and stewardship of the future. Keywords- Creative Achievement, Innovative Environment, Learning, Teaching.

Author - Pradip Peter Dey, Laith Al Any, Mohammad Amin, Bhaskar Raj Sinha, Hassan Badkoobehi

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| Published on 2018-09-07
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