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Use of Organic Fertilizer and Silicate Granule on Off Season Shallot Cultivation on Dry Land

The phenomenon of off-season onion is generally associated with the scarcity of onion production during the rainy season generated from the main production centers. The scarcity of onion production is certainly cause fluctuations in price volatility. Off-season cultivation of onion in dryland was a technological breakthrough to increase productivity of onion. The aims to increase off season onion productivity in dry land based on organic fertilizer and silicate granule and appropriate varieties. The study was conducted off-season on dry land in Karangsari, Karangrejek, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The design used was Randomized Group Completed factorially with 3 replications. The first factor was 4 varieties of onion (Bima Brebes, Bauji, Batu ijo, and Saptosari variety as local onion Gunungkidul). The second factor were: A. Solid bioslury + organic fertilizer + plastic mulch; B. Solid bioslury + organic fertilizer + Silicate + plastic mulch; C. Organic fertilizer + organic fertilizer + Silicate + plastic mulch; and D. The existing of farmers technology (organic fertilizer + an organic + without plastic mulch. Observations included: number of tubers per hill, weight of tubers per hill, weight per bulb and shallot tuber productivity. The results showed that the components of organic fertilizer technology, silicate granule and the use of plastic mulch can increase the productivity of shallot off season cultivation on dry land. The interaction of off season shallot cultivation technology and shallot varieties significantly increased the number of tubers per hill, the weight of tubers per hill, the weight per bulb and the productivity of the shallot bulbs. The best combination with the highest productivity on CV4 treatment was on the application of organic fertilizer + an organic fertilizer + silica fertilizer + mulch) on local shallot varieties of Saptosari. Keywords - Shallot, Off Season, Organic, Granule Silicate, and Dry Land

Author - Kristamtini, Endang Wisnu Wiranti, Sugeng Widodo

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| Published on 2018-09-07
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