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Dye Affinity Nanofiber Membrane for Adsoprtion of Lysozyme

Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nanofiber membrane was prepared by electro spinning technique. After heat treatment and alkaline hydrolysis, the ion exchange membrane (P-COOH) was grafted with chitosan molecule. The chitosan modified membrane (P-CS) was then covalently immobilized with Reactive orange 4 to be used as a dye ligand affinity membrane (P-Dye). The dyed membrane was used to evaluate the binding capacity of lysozyme under various operating parameters (e.g., adsorption pH, chitosan and dye concentrations, and temperature) were studied in batch modes. The results revealed that the optimal adsorption pH for lysozyme was pH 8 and the optimal concentration of chitosan for use in preparation of membrane was 1.0%. Moreover, the optimal immobilization density of dye was 90.52 (mol dye/g membrane). The results showed that the dye affinity nanofiber membrane may be an ideal support for the adsorption and purification of lysozyme because of its low cost, simplicity of its preparation method, and high binding capacity.

Author - Yuan-Chun Pan, Yu-Han Lee, Kuei-Hsiang Chen, Yu-Kaung Chang

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| Published on 2018-09-08
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