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Study of Chemical Injection Application with Capillary String Technique to Overcome Liquid Loading in X1 Well, West Java

Due to the increasing of natural gas demand, the continuity of natural gas production from gas well should be maintained. However, problem in gas well is common, especially liquid loading. This study aims to overcome liquid loading in X1 well with chemical injection using capillary string. Software simulation proves gas production increase up to 57.1% by reducing surface tension up to 47.8% and critical rate up to 15.6%. Injecting 19.4 bbls of water and chemical mixture requires 783.55 psi of pump discharge and 0.29 hp of power with pressure ratio of 56.64. Meanwhile, the payback period for the chemical injection cost is 20 days. Chemical injection with capillary string is effective to overcome liquid loading in X1 well. Index Terms- Capillary string, chemical, gas, liquid loading.

Author - M.T. Hidayat, A. Wahid

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| Published on 2018-09-08
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