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Paliperidone Palimitate (Pp3m- Invega Trinza) in the Treatment of Schizophrenia and its Effect on the Improvement of Psychological, Social and Occupational Functioning: With Case Study

Schizophrenia is a disabling brain disorder characterized by symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, disorganized communication, poor planning, reduced motivation and blunted affect. Schizophrenia affects people from all around the world contributing significantly to the global burden of disease. Due to the complexities of the disorder, efficacy and adherence of treatment regimens are a top priority for both patients as well as health care providers. Consequences of non-adherence heavily influences overall quality of life by affecting patients psychosocial and occupational functioning. With the improvements in the formulations of long acting injectables, the onset of Paliperidone Palmitate (PP3M), also known as Invega Trinza, has promising potential in the maintenance treatment of Schizophrenia. Longer dosing intervals allow increased adherence and decrease risk of relapse. In this article, we will examine the value of switching patients who are already stable on Paliperidone Palmitate (PP1M- Invega Sustenna), monthly injections to the 3-month depot formulation of Paliperidone Palmitate (PP3M- Invega Trinza), to increase adherence and reduce relapse, in turn improving overall psychosocial functioning and quality of life for schizophrenic patients. We will also present 1 case study which highlights improvements on a psychosocial and occupational level of functioning of this patient. Keywords- Schizophrenia; Invega Trinza; Paliperidone Palmitate PP3M; nonadherence; relapse

Author - Sunny Johnson, Krystal Persaud, Sandy Shlemoon, Amina Babakura, Eme Umana, Sabiha Arshed

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| Published on 2018-09-08
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