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Exponential Approximation of Consumption Rate of Carbon Source in Numerical Simulation of Microbial Depolymerization Process

This study demonstrates the validity of assumption that a part of microbial consumption is converted directly to cells in microbial depolymerization processes. The exponential consumption of residual polymer in a culture medium is incorporated in a numerical simulation of a microbial depolymerization process. Weight distributions obtained experimentally were incorporated into inverse problems for a time factor and a molecular factor of a degradation rate. Once those inverse problems were solved, a microbial depolymerization process was simulated. A mathematical model is described, numerical techniques are described, and numerical results are introduced. Keywords - Biodegradation, Polymer, Mathematical model, Numerical simulation, Inverse problem.

Author - Masaji Watanabe, Fusako Kawai

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| Published on 2019-06-14
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