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Volume-8,Issue-4  ( Oct, 2020 )
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Preparation of Small Molecular Quaternary Ammonium Salt and Cationic Modification of Cellulosic Fiber

Quaternary ammonium compounds consist of minimum two fiber reactive sites at the same time minimum two dye reactive sites, and processes for making and using the same are disclosed. The invention of this compound can expediently be utilized in a cellulosic fabric pretreatment process to allow anionic dyeing without requiring salt to exhaust or drive the dye into the cellulosic fiber. This research relates to compounds and processes for using the same to improve the dyeability of textile fibers. More particularly, this work relates to quaternary ammonium compounds and processes for using the same to dye cellulosic fibers and fibrous assemblies with anionic dyes without the use of salt. In the first part, preparation of a small molecular quaternary ammonium salt and their application in dyeing of cellulosic fiber with anionic reactive dyes. This part involves preparation of a small molecular quaternary ammonium salt and modification of cotton fabric for facilitating exhaustion of reactive dyes into the fabric without assistance of industrial salt. The effectivity of the work was characterized by using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrum, ZETA potential analysis, UV-Visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis), Particle size analysis, Electrical conductivity, K/S value. The result indicates that all the prepared quaternary ammonium salts are able to substitute conventional industrial salt fully. Keywords - Quaternary Ammonium Salt, Cellulosic Fiber, Anionic Dyes, Exhaustion, Cationic Modification, Salt Free Dyeing.

Author - Md Shipan Mia, Md Raju Ahmed, Biaobiao Yan, Tieling Xing

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| Published on 2020-06-27
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