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Volume-8,Issue-4  ( Oct, 2020 )
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An Analysis of Variations in the Coupling, Egg Laying and Hatching of Mutant Strains of Indian Tasar Silkworm

This review paper is an effort to analyse the variation of breeding performances such as coupling, egg laying and hatching of mutant strains of Indian tasar silkworm and its effect on tasar silk industry. The three mutant strains of Tasar Silk Worm namely Daba–blue, Daba–yellow and Daba–almond differ among themselves in respect of their coupling, egg laying and hatching performances. All the three mutant strains of A. mylitta D. in spite of relative differences have registered their supremacy over the control (Daba–green) on account of desired beneficial mutation in relation to their breeding activities. The performances of Daba–blue in respect of coupling, egg laying and hatching have been found evidently better than the Daba–yellow and Daba–almond. The results obtained appear to be the outcome of genetic variability among the three mutant strains of A. mylitta D. on account of relative differences in their physio–genetic makeup. It further appears that the Am–blue mutant strain as compared to Am–yellow and thereafter Am–almond is more robust in its genetic architecture as such it has shown relatively better breeding manifestation. Commercial crop Season has registered its supremacy over Seed crop season in respect of breeding performances among the 3 mutant strains of A. mylitta D. Thus the evolution of three distinct mutant strains of tropical tasar silkworm is in the larger interest of tasar culture. This paper is also an effort to analyse the possibilities for improving the productivity of tasar silk industry. Keywords - Ecotype, Coupling, Egg Laying, Hatching, Fecundity, Fertility

Author - Anamika Mishra

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| Published on 2020-12-18
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