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Cluster Formation and Low Control Overhead for Cluster Maintenance in MANET

Wireless networks are getting popular due to their ease of use. Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) has become an exciting and important technology in recent years because of the rapidly increases of wireless devices. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are distributed systems consisting of mobile hosts that are connected by multi-hop wireless links. Such systems are self-organized and facilitate communication in the network without any centralized infrastructure. Mobile devices in MANET are battery operated nowadays. So, battery power is important parameter in MANET. Clustering in MANET has evolved as an imperative research domain that enhances system performance such as throughput, PDF, delay and it increases system capacity in MANET in the presence of mobility and large number of mobile terminals. In clustering, mobile nodes in a MANET are divides into different virtual groups. Election of cluster head is very much important in clustering. It effects on cluster stability and life-time. Our proposed algorithm considers battery power parameter for election of cluster head. By selecting most suitable node as cluster head we can increase stability of cluster. Our proposed algorithm forms cluster by selecting all the nodes which are nearer to CH in one Cluster. If CHs’ energy falls below predefined threshold value; our algorithm elects other node as CH who has highest energy in Cluster. We have implemented proposed algorithm in ns-2.33 simulator Keywords - MANET, AODV, Clustering, Cluster EAD, Gateway, PDF