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A Review on Object Detection in Thermal Imaging and Analysing Object and Target Parameters

The use of thermal imaging has become a major application in military. Thermal images provide a clear image even during night times. Using image recognition in identifying the target and embedded system in aiming the enemy, we can attack the enemy at a faster rate than usual. The thermal image is captured, enemy is identified automatically and the enemy is targeted. This application could be utilized in war fields where the enemy is targeted with the least efforts of man. This will promote the efficiency of attack in the war fields. For image processing, we can use OpenCV or MATLAB software. First the object is going to be detected from the image and that image has to be aligned at the centre of the object. After detecting the object, the next task is to recognize the object as gun, the instruction is going to aim the gun to target the object. For object detection SVM technology is better thing to use. Keywords - Support Vector Machine(SVM), Opencv, retinex filtering, background subtraction(BS), Gaussian mixture modules(GMM), Convolution Neural Network(CNN)