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A Review on: Secure Wireless Communication for Military Application

Security of data in army stations is very important issue. In early systems, at the time of information transmission between two army stations, it can be hacked by terrorists, spies and enemies. Communication plays vital role in day to day life .There are two types of communication such as wired and wireless. Basically wireless communication is mostly preferred over wired .But sometimes we need a secured wireless communication in case of industries, companies etc. Data security is very important especially from defense point of view. There are various techniques for transmission of data securely. In military area secure communication is required. The messages send or received should not be hacked. For this controller base wireless communication system is used for secure message transmission. In this we used half duplex encrypted system so messages in this system cannot be hacked. For security special trans-receiver is used namely HC-12 which uses special AT commands for providing security. The messages can be send from any module and there is the choice that the message is either broadcast or can send to specific module. Keywords - PIC 16F877, HC-12 Trans-receiver