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Wearable Kneepad Devices with Motion Data Detection

The rapid progress of modern medical technology causes aging society, and the accompanying impact renders medical care and senior care current important topics. The elderly generally have the phenomenon of degenerative arthritis and go to a hospital periodically for diagnosis and treatment. This research proposes wearable kneepad devices, which provides a monitoring system that records the motion status of joints through the Web; for instance, the three-axis vector, bending degree, and pulse rate can be continuously detected during the process of joint motion, while walking steps and calorie consumption are recorded and calculated through GPS; then, the various measured data are integrated and Smartphone is used to transmit the data to the database, as established by MySQL. Through the data stored in the network database, doctors can understand the changes of relevant parameters during users’ joint motion, and evaluate their recovery and health care condition. Index Terms- Degenerative Arthritis, Sports Data Detection, Wearable Kneepad Devices, Smartphone, Network Database.